COP22·青年之声 |《2016中美青年气候变化联合声明》(From CYCAN)

2016年11月17日,在摩洛哥马拉喀什召开的《联合国气候变化框架公约》第22次缔约方会议上,CYCAN和美国Care About Climate组织共同发布青年领域的联合声明——《2016中美青年气候变化联合声明》。《声明》呼吁两国领导人继续推进强有力的气候政策,不断提高执行力度,兑现气候承诺。以下是中美青年联合声明原文。

YouthActionNet® 全球奖学金

The International Youth Foundation’s YouthActionNet® Global Fellowship Program is now open to accepting applications. The program selects 20 young social entrepreneurs  who can lead positive change in their communities. The year-long Fellowship program includes: Skill-building: A seven-day leadership retreat for twenty selected Fellows which offers dynamic peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and …