INTRODUCTION:介绍 The World Leadership Conference 2011 is a unique 5-day preparatory conference which aims to re-kindle the “spirit of Rio” by enabling the younger generations of today with the skills, knowledge and inspiration required to be effective leaders in creating change, especially towards climate change and sustainable development. Young leaders from the Asia-Pacific are particularly encouraged to engage in lively debate and think critically about the issues that are facing the region today; an opportunity to meet like-minded peers from around Asia-Pacific, to forge and establish lasting relationship in the region for stronger and more impactful change. One of the key intent of the conference is to connect the achievements of past and present leaders with the younger generations to continue the work of environmental stewardship towards a more sustained future.

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Learning-To teach the youths and young leaders in the Asia-Pacific region about the latest developments in environmental matters. For this Education track, we would be focusing on Energy for a Low Carbon Future, Green Economy to eradicate poverty and Environmental Law & Governance for this 2011conference.

Voicing Out-The coming Rio + 20 Summit in 2012 is an important date of decision for the whole of mankind.  We would provide a platform for the youth from all over Asia Pacific to discuss and craft a document to be submitted in the2012 summit agenda so that their views can be heard.

Taking Action-Bringing the youth of Asia Pacific together for this green agenda would forge new relationships, induce the development of new exciting ideas and provide strong follow up on these projects even after attendees return home.


1. Young leaders with grassroots and international experiences

-Representative of established education institutions

-Representative of established local civil society groups

-Representatives of the Government

-Representatives of Businesses

2. Internationally Established Civil Society Organizations

-United Nations Various Bodies

-Think tanks

-Key and established players in the area of Sustainable Development 3.


-Green Collared Job Workers

-Players in the green industry


Time: 11th to 15th July 2011

Place: Singapore

CYCAN( China Youth Climate Action Network): the unique  sister organization in China of WLC

2011 Asia-Pacific towards Rio+20 ( 11th to 15th July 2011)  Singapore